All solutions in short form marketing! Short form No. 1 with SOON Ent

SOON Ent is exclusively managing about 100 top creators in the industry, and also has an advertising agency
for about 1,000 short form creators. Based on abundant data through more than 5,000 short-form advertisements
at home and abroad, it is a group of experts who provide ONE STEP SOLUTION of short-form advertisements
from planning advertisements to establishing campaign strategies, reporting results, filming, editing, and music production.

SOON ENT TIKTOK's first official strategic partner MCN
TIKTOK's first official medialab.


Sharing the ONE STEP SOLUTION system of SOON Ent

Based on the vast amount of data analyzed through the management system,SOON Ent analyzes user trends
to plan and conduct advertisements, creating the best results in the industry. SOON Ent is not just an advertising agency,
but a total marketing consultant who delivers the ONE STEP SOLUTION system as the best partner to produce the best results.

Influencer casting


Casting top level
Exclusive influencers
In TikTok
Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Advertising planning and designing
According to the purpose of the advertisement
Meeting the Client’s needs and AD Deliberation
Analysis of advertising clients and objectives

Analysis of advertising
clients and objectives

We have Based on various ad execution know-hows
We analyze the objectives and directions
Of Clients, with discussion and consultation
Content production


Filming and editing progress
Through our own content production team
With our own studio and professional equipment
(Video, sound source, image, etc.)
AD execution and result analysis

AD execution and result analysis

Advertising media enforcement
Analysis and reporting
of advertising results

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Shortform Industry Leading Expert SOON ENT's
Brand Customization Consulting

TikTok strategic partner and undisputed No. 1
Short form advertisements are not difficult if it's with SOON Ent.

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